What To Expect When Working With me

1. In your first meeting we will have a casual conversation so I can get to know you a little better as well as gain an understanding of your financial goals and current financial situation. My goal for this meeting is to get a big picture understanding of your current situation and uncover any potential roadblocks that could prevent you from achieving your financial goals.

2. Please bring your spouse, partner, family members / decision makers with you. To maximize productivity, I ask that all decision makers are present at your initial consultation. Appointment time is very valuable, and communicating bits and pieces of new ideas that I present to you to your spouse or decision maker (regarding your livelihood and everything you've worked for) usually does not go well.

3. You DO NOT have to bring ANYTHING in. I run my first appointment very different from any other financial advisor you have ever met. Because it's our first meeting, you don't know me and I don't know you. And to be totally honest - at this point in our relationship - I have no idea if I could even help you or would want to bring you on as my client. This first meeting will allow me to analyze your situation and see if you're someone I can assist. If not, I will let you know upfront or refer you to someone else.

I have three goals for my first meeting:

  • Identify & then analyze the plausibility of your goals

    There's no other way to put this. Some people's retirement goals are completely unrealistic. I have had people come to me with $50,000 in savings two years before they retire asking if it's possible for them to retire on $150,000/yr for the rest of their life (really). Sure, I can work some magic and make incredible things happen for you. But there are certain situations where even I can't make something viable for a client. If this is the case I will inform you of what I think is more of a realistic possibility for you.

  • Am I able to help you?

    I can't help everyone that I meet with for various different reasons. This first meeting will allow me to see if you are someone I or my team of professionals can help.

  • Do you even want help?

          I respect the fact that some people just want information. In fact, I think gathering information is one of the most important things you can before you meet with an advisor like me. It’s not uncommon for you to meet with me several times over the first 90 days, including the possibility of meeting twice a week on occasion. My time is very valuable and appointment time in our schedule is usually booked out weeks in advance. I can help fix your financial problems, but ultimately it's on you to take that 1st step - action.