I Help You Leave A Legacy By Maximizing Your Retirement Income & Inheritances While Minimizing Your Tax Bills

The #1 fear of retirees is outliving their money. I'm here to put your fears to rest.

I help you answer questions such as:

How can you avoid taxes eroding your retirement nest egg?

Based on your specific situation, where are the best places to save & invest your money to ensure a financially-abundant retirement?

How do you know when you have enough to retire?

How can you guarantee you'll never run out of money?

How should you structure your assets in a way that protects them from nursing home expenses (70% possibility) while also minimizing taxes when they're passed on to your loved ones?

"Grant has been fantastic! He's the only advisor my family and I felt comfortable enough to work with. We tell everyone about him!!"

- Melissa L

"I'm not sure where to begin. I originally came to Grant needing information regarding my pension and he informed me that because of the state I lived in, WEP/GPO was going to reduce my social security, which was a shock to me. Nobody had ever told me! Grant walked me through potential solutions until we settled on one I really liked. I am looking forward to a happy retirement."

- Janet P

"I was worried about how selling my home was going to affect my medicare premiums and Grant discovered that I was exposed to many risks I wasn't even aware of. I had no long term care insurance and Grant mentioned there are ways to protect assets through the use of positioning assets inside of Trusts. He educated me on the various types of Trusts and then brought in an attorney who ultimately helped me get one. I am very grateful for Grant!"

- Beth A.

"I was worried that I was falling behind when it came to saving for retirement and didn't think i'd ever have enough to retire. Grant showed me some strategies I had never seen before and I will now actually be retiring with a higher yearly income than I ever had working. This man is a magician"

- Jeremy K.

"Grant is the best! I had the majority of my assets in retirement accounts and was worried about the tax consequences of the SECURE Act. Grant educated me on the reality of my situation in an extremely easy-to-understand way and ended up bringing in his CPA. These guys helped me save on a few hundred thousand in taxes for my kids when I pass away. I would recommend Grant (and Kelly) to anyone!"

- Adam S.

"I was referred to Grant by a close friend after telling her how deathly afraid I was about running out of money. Grant put together a plan that allowed me to create my own private pension that would pay me for the rest of my life. I already know this later half of my retirement will be way more stress-free. I wish I found Grant 10 years earlier.

- Edena W.