I Create Hard-Hitting Copy That Gets Your Customers Saying "I've Finally Found My People" And Your Significant Other Saying "Wow Babe, Where'd You Get All Dis Money?"

... And I do it by providing you copy with personality.

If you're looking for run-of-the-mill words without that unique "voice" that instantly builds trust and rapport with your customers, then we probably won't be the best match. But if you are... We'll get along fantastically.

Feel free to click below and send me a quick message so we can discuss how to increase the cash generated from your next or current project so you can put more cash towards what you actually want to buy. (All while really sticking it to your next door neighbor and his 3 annoying kids, because why not.)

"Grant really understands social media and is a genius ad copy writer!"

- Melissa L

"Grant is a true pro at copywriting and selling ideas."

- Jordan P

"All I can say is WOW! Grant fixed the copy on our broken tripwire and got our foot in the door with hundreds of new customers in literally days."

- Brooke A.

"We've been partnered with Grant for a little under 2 years. We originally came to him because we wanted to increase our opt-in rates and he brought us up to 12.4% from 6.5%. We haven't looked back."

- Jeremy K.

"Two thumbs up! Grant has something special. Took the topics and ran with it. He over delivered before the deadline. Took his time researching and the work showed. Value in every section. Thanks Grant!"

- Adam S.

"Grant is amazing! His writing style is so fun, yet professional, and adds life to our newsletter topics. Would highly recommend!"

- Ella W.